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David is the best

I am so impressed with how quickly and easily David was able to train my min pin (and me)! After years of struggling to enjoy our little one we are now able to spend much more fun time together. Within a few minutes David had her calm and attentive and ready to have fun with us as a family. She is now a pleasure to walk and to live with instead of a chore. I no longer have to dread taking her with me places for fearĀ that we will have a constant tug of war or that she might nip a passerby. One session is all it took and I have a much happier and playful pup! Highly recommend!!!!!


I could not believe how fast my German Shepherd learned to heel, sit, and stay. David really knows his stuff and I would recommend his services to everyone with an untrained dog. Amazing!


David was great with my pups. I treat my dogs like m children and I was concerned about their safety. The most mportant thing a pup can learn is to sit and stay. Those two things can keep them safe and out of trouble. Within ten minutes my baby had learned this!!! I recommend david to anyone with a new puppy or older dog that they care about.


Fantastic! David Powers is a miracle worker! The most impressive thing about David is his flexibility and willingness to accomodate busy schedules. David came to our home to work with my 5 month old Boston Terrier, Gus. He utilizes very simple tactics and makes it look easy. Gus responded immediately to Mr. Power’s commands and I couldn’t be happier. I have worked with him every day since our initial training se.


Mr. Powers is a fabulous dog trainer. He worked with my 4 month old Lab and 3 year old Daschund. What a difference. I can now walk them both at the same time and they stay right along side of me. My Daschund had an issue with barking at everyone and going crazy over other dogs. Not anymore. Thank you so much Dave, you are such a lifesaver. BTW, My Lab doesn’t attack the ice machine anymore :0)


Mr. Powers came out to our house this evening to work with our two dogs, a Yellow Lab (4 yrs. old) and an English Springer Spaniel (18 months old). Our Yellow Lab was impossible to walk on a leash, more walking us than us walking him. Mr. Powers had him walking right alongside us within minutes! With simple commands, he has shown us how to work with our dogs productively to heel, sit, stay, down, etc.


My family just got our first dog and wanted to do it right from the start. First off we got our dog (Lexi) from our local humane society. She is seven months old and she is a terrier mix. She is a typical high energy curious little puppy but, also sweet and gentle with the kids. I wanted to try and get her trained right away from someone local and one on one. I found David Powers of Powers K9, after checking


Mr. Powers did just what his website said he would. He trained our two dogs in 75 to 90 minutes. Very simple instructions for my wife and I to follow that both our dogs, a rat terrier and a rotterman, understood immediately. Training was conducted on the street in front of our house with other distractions, other dogs being walked and such. I am very pleased with the service Mr. Powers delivered and would recommend.


Powers K9 Obedience Review
Dave’s great humor made the learning fun. What amazes me the most are all the night and day improvements we see in our dog from just a few minutes with the dog. For example, walking our dog was a test of endurance. Before Dave taught us how to properly walk him, he would his weight to drag us in the direction he so wished. A workout needless to say. Applying the methods he taught us he now walks along of us.


I work with an animal rescue & Dave Powers came out and spend the afternoon working with a few of our dogs. His methods are simple & easy to remember. He managed to get a volunteer to walk a dog on a leash who she was scared of. She and the dog are friends now. I would recommend his services to anyone.


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